West Side Narragansett Bay Master Plan -
Davisville, Rhode Island

The Project:        
Develop a Master Plan for the future construction and development on two naval bases: Davisville (Naval Construction Battalion Center) and Quonset Point (Naval Air Station), in Rhode Island.  The Master Plan was part of the Military Construction Program a continuous, ongoing process with a 5-year window which looks at the repair, maintenance and remodeling of existing facilities and the construction of new facilities as tenant activities are reorganized, downsized, relocated, or phased out completely.  These installations were contiguous and fully operational, comparable to a small town with a day time population of 10,000.

The Challenge:    
The NCBC Public Works Department as the host command was tasked with preparing the Master Plan.  Each tenant activity has its own mission, “chain of command” and funding source.  Establishing a process which responded to needs in a timely manner, keeping up with technological change, solving problems internally, working with existing resources, and adaptive re-use of existing facilities posed the greatest challenges.

The Solution:    
Interview the representatives of over 30 tenant commands; inventory spaces used in existing facilities, determine the physical requirements and deficiencies, identify projects, prepare a construction program, budget and schedule to correct deficiencies, and report findings and recommendations annually to the District Planning Office.

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